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Acxa - Voltron by 6stringRaven Acxa - Voltron :icon6stringraven:6stringRaven 14 0 Oppisites Attract - Chapter 9 sketch by 6stringRaven Oppisites Attract - Chapter 9 sketch :icon6stringraven:6stringRaven 9 0 Mikasa - Attack on Titan by 6stringRaven Mikasa - Attack on Titan :icon6stringraven:6stringRaven 5 0 Karma by 6stringRaven Karma :icon6stringraven:6stringRaven 4 7 Fay - The Giant Killer (Poster) by 6stringRaven Fay - The Giant Killer (Poster) :icon6stringraven:6stringRaven 4 0 Fay - Concept Sketches by 6stringRaven Fay - Concept Sketches :icon6stringraven:6stringRaven 3 2
Love Sometimes Hates | Haileck (Chapter 5)
Love Sometimes Hates: Chapter Five
   Aleck sat on his bed staring down at the decorative knife in his hands. It was golden and polished enough for him to see his own reflection in the blade. He had just turned eight, and this was his only present.
   There was a knock at his door, he lifted his head just in time to see the sixteen year old girl with a red guitar slung over her shoulder walk into his room, “Heya, guess who came to visit!”
   Aleck’s eyes lit up, completely forgetting his melancholy thoughts. He grinned, tossed the knife down on his bed and ran up to hug her. “Delilah!” He cheered, squeezing her as tight as his little arms could. The teenager chuckled, hugging him back. She ruffled her fingers through his black hair before her eyes caught sight of the golden knife on the bed. She frowned and Aleck could feel it.
   “...Mother and Father gave it to me today…” He said, still hugging he
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Love Sometimes Hates | Haileck (Chapter 4)
Love Sometimes Hates: Chapter Four
   Haili was the first to wake the next morning. She stirred a little, then opened her eyes. Once seeing the small waves roll up on to the beach she thought for a short moment that she was living with Rashelle again, but after her brain began to really work, she remembered everything and sat up. Aleck’s over shirt fell off of her shoulders, and she looked down at it. Her eyes then drifted over to Aleck who was still fast asleep, lying on his side with the magical guitar block resting gently on his open palm. She smirked a little, then stood up, drapping his over shirt across his chest, then walking over to the water. She managed to take a bath and get dressed before Aleck actually woke up. He stirred, and opened his eyes to the site of Haili crouched down in front of a fire, cooking two fish. He blinked and slowly sat up.
   “Hello?” He said, still in a sleepy haze.
   She couldn’t help but chuckle
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Rachel v Rachel Sketches by 6stringRaven Rachel v Rachel Sketches :icon6stringraven:6stringRaven 3 0
Love Sometimes Hates | Haileck (Chapter 3)
Love Sometimes Hates: Chapter Three
   Haili sliced through the water with great ease, sinking deep into the dark, murky waters. Aleck was falling in slow motion. Air bubbles escaping his nostrils and parted lips rapidly. She adjusted her eyes so she could see more clearly, then, like a mermaid, moved her body through the water, wrapped her arms under his and started for the surface. She broke through, taking in a few deep breaths. It only took a few seconds for her to completely recover. She had gone through a similar drill like this when living with Rashelle so she was fairly used to it by now. She looked at Aleck who was still unconscious. His wet bangs hung in front of his face, threatening to cover up his nose and mouth. She quickly combed back his hair with her fingertips. His head rolled back and rested on her shoulder, allowing her to see his face. Whatever poison that man had given him made him paler than usual with reddish-purple streaks under his eyes and around hi
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Love Sometimes Hates | Haileck (Chapter 2)
 Love Sometimes Hates: Chapter Two
   “You go that way, and I’ll go this way.” Aleck said once they reached a fork in the road. Haili looked over at him and raised a brow.
   “Again, since when were you in charge?”
   His body appeared to start twitching out of annoyance, “We don’t have time for this,” He groaned under his breath, “Do you wanna pick?”
   Haili looked down the two paths, then purposely stood in front of Aleck, looking down the path he was going to take, “Hm, I think I want to take this one.” She said, innocently. Aleck glared.
   “Fine, whatever, as long as I can get away from you I'll be fine.” He said, walking over toward the other path.
   That one really hurt. She physically cringed after hearing it, but forced herself to appear like it hadn’t phased her, “Don’t worry, the f
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Keith by 6stringRaven Keith :icon6stringraven:6stringRaven 41 2
Love Sometimes Hates | Haileck (Chapter 1)
   Love Sometimes Hates: Chapter One
   The entire train ride was in complete silence (and only half of that was due to Haili trying desperately hard not to vomit). They refused to sit together on the train, Walk side by side through the town, or even make the slightest bit of eye contact. Both of them knew this was possibly their biggest and longest fight ever, but they were too wrapped in their own pride to care. The only time they were side by side was when they had to walk up to the door of an old looking stone house. They both simultaneously reached out to knock, then immediately retracted their arms and shot each other a glare.
   “Will you quit!” Aleck yelled.
   “Quit what?” She yelled back.
   “Quit purposefully trying to piss me off anymore than I already am!”
   Haili narrowed her eyes. “Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t know me knocking on doors triggered you so much!
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Opposites Attracks Sketch - Chapter 7 by 6stringRaven Opposites Attracks Sketch - Chapter 7 :icon6stringraven:6stringRaven 7 0
Love Sometimes Hates | Haileck
Love Sometimes Hates: Prologue
   Haili burst into the guild, kicking open the large heavy door, not seeming to care if it hit anyone along the way. She marched her way over to the table where her three team members sat. Maxi, Sophie, and Hikaru. She slammed herself down in a chair, and folded her arms in an angered manner. The three mages at the small table exchange looks, then peered back at the obviously furious dragon slayer.
   “Um...You okay?” Maxi asked.
   “Oh yeah, just fucking perfect!” Haili spat back.
   There was another silence before Hikaru broke it. “So that’s a ‘no’ then?”
   The guild door opened a second time to reveal Aleck walking in with Ace whom was rambling on about food. As Haili and Aleck made eye contact, both of their expressions hardened and each forcefully turned their heads to look in the opposite direction. Sophie, Maxi, and Hikaru watched as the two b
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RavenROSE99 Banner by 6stringRaven RavenROSE99 Banner :icon6stringraven:6stringRaven 1 0


NIMA Kickstarter! by rossdraws NIMA Kickstarter! :iconrossdraws:rossdraws 4,548 152 Snow Feathers by rossdraws Snow Feathers :iconrossdraws:rossdraws 5,784 99 Solstice NIMA Kickstarter! by rossdraws Solstice NIMA Kickstarter! :iconrossdraws:rossdraws 5,797 104 Rey : YouTube! by rossdraws Rey : YouTube! :iconrossdraws:rossdraws 6,419 79 Owl Girl by rossdraws Owl Girl :iconrossdraws:rossdraws 11,129 194 Makoto .NSFW optional. by sakimichan Makoto .NSFW optional. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 12,120 532 Link Zelda by sakimichan Link Zelda :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 16,963 921 Life is strange .Together. by sakimichan Life is strange .Together. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 33,927 1,175 Yuri Katsuki Eros by sakimichan Yuri Katsuki Eros :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 9,397 355 Zen.nsfw optional. by sakimichan Zen.nsfw optional. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 11,754 343 Relax by sakimichan Relax :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 17,067 374 Sunny day by Kevin-Glint Sunny day :iconkevin-glint:Kevin-Glint 614 16 H A R E C U L E S by Starlight10058 H A R E C U L E S :iconstarlight10058:Starlight10058 69 12 Hooked on a Feeling by Starlight10058 Hooked on a Feeling :iconstarlight10058:Starlight10058 98 4 Dreaming Of You by Starlight10058 Dreaming Of You :iconstarlight10058:Starlight10058 106 12 Guns of Gamora - Blade of Marmora by Damare Guns of Gamora - Blade of Marmora :icondamare:Damare 299 24


Ok, so I sorta have been sucked into this amazing show called "Yona of the Dawn" ('Akatsuki no Yona' if you wanna be accurate)

For those who don't know about the story, it is based around this princess who is chased out of her kingdom and forced to survive with none but her childhood friend, Hak. Along the way, she discovers order to take back her kingdom, she needs the help of the four legendary dragon warriors. So her journey begins to find them and convince them to help her.

Here's a link for anyone who is interested;


Now, The story seems to only go for about 2 seasons and then just ends before the climax of the whole story. I was really confused when I got to the last episode to find that it ended before the plot did. Sooooooo a friend and I did some research and apparently the reason another season hasn't been made yet is because it hasn't gotten enough popularity.


So I found a petition to try and raise enough signatures to make another season.
Honestly, I am absolutely starving for MORE and wanted to spread the word and this was the only way I knew how.

So here is a link to where you can submit your signature. I'm not trying to force anyone, but if you watch that show and feel as unsatisfied as me then you will probably want to.

I'm sure it can use all the names it can get.
and even if you don't care about the petition, at least give the show a chance. It is absolutely amazing!



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


Acxa - Voltron
I always just though Acxa was looked so pretty and bad ass, finally decided to at least draw some of her :)
Hope you guys like it!
Mikasa - Attack on Titan
Started this once I finished AOT Season 2. Mikasa is defiantly my favorite character!
I decided to keep the sketchy line art just for a different feel, idk if I like it as much as the no line art version, but I still think this piece turned out pretty cool :)
A cool Character I randomly came up with one day and decided to draw ^^

Hope you guys like it
Fay - The Giant Killer (Poster)
So for the longest time I've wanted to draw a super bad ass picture of my favorite character from a book I am trying to actually get published. So I finally did and I am super happy with how it turned out :)

This is Fay. No one knows her last name or if Fay ever is her real first name. She's an ex-soilder and known for killing Giants (Not gonna go into too much detail). I swear she is not evil no matter how creepy she looks in this picture ^^;


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United States
Hey, I'm 6stringRaven

I'm obsessed with Fairy Tail, Markiplier, drawing, movies, music, ext.
Hope you like my dA page

The end :P


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