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Hikaru groaned before slowly blinking his eyes open to see Sophie’s face looking down at his.
   “He’s up.” She said with her small cheerful grin.

   She had places a cold wet cloth on his forehead and was holding it in place. As he slowly began to push himself upright she removed her hand allowing him to press on it for a while. He looked up to see Maxi staring outside the window of their hotel room, and Speed sitting on his bed, His arm still in a sling from the crash.

   “What the hell did you knock me out for?” Hikaru hissed to Maxi who still had her back to him.

   “You were getting out of control.” She said calmly.
   “Out of control!? You have to be kidding me! She nearly killed Ha-”

   “You don’t know that for sure Hikaru.” Maxi said cutting him off. She even spun around this time.

   Hikaru shot her a glare but then observed the expression on her face.

   “...What are you thinking about?” He asked.

   Maxi kept a blank stare on him before turning back to the window. Soon she spoke again.
   “She’s telepathic.” Maxi said.

   “What? No she isn’t. She has that weird absorbing magic.” Hikaru said.

   “Well apparently she is strong enough for both.” Maxi turned around and leaned back on the ledge of the window sill.

   “She must be immensely powerful to be able to keep up all that magic.” Sophie said in disbelief.

   Maxi was quiet again for a period of time before speaking again.

   “I think she’s in danger.” She finally said.

   “Her! She’s the one who-” Hikaru started.

   “We don’t know that for sure! That’s the last time I’m going to say it!”

   Hikaru glared at her then leaned back.

   “We need to find out more about her.” Maxi insisted.

   “But how? No one in the guild knows who she is.” Sophie pointed out.

   “There is one.” Speed said looking at Maxi, who finished his thoughts for him.



   Raven wondered through the town instead of back to the hotel. Her feet seemed to walk on there own while her mind drifted off. Her eyes were in a blank stare the entire journey until she finally reached her destination which was a dark alley way. Once she reached the end, her arm bend at the elbow and her fingers reaching out to the stone wall in front of her. Soon the dead end opened up in a magical and threatening way allowing her to walk through. It was then that her eyes looked up at the dark room that surrounded her. The opening shut behind her as she stared into the dark room. She knew she wasn’t alone as she just stared with a blank expression.

   “Our time is almost here Raven.” A low voice echoed.

   “...I know…” She mumbled.

   “You better be able to hold up your part my dear.”

   Raven clenched her jaw.

   “...You want to hurt people…” She said.

   The figure kept quiet, slowly leaning his body forward.

   “Do you plan to object?” His thick, deep voice questioned.

   Raven said nothing taking in a shaky breath.

   “Please...It head…I don’t know who I am anymore.” She said, feeling her eyes begin to water.

   The figure lifted up his arm pointing his dark fingers at her. Her jaw clenched more, her
eye shutting tight as she reached up grabbing her head. She began to tremble in pain and she fell to her knees.

   “You don’t have to worry about it. All you need to know is what I tell you to do. Understand dear Raven?”

   Raven’s eyes opened a little trying her best to deal with the pain surging through her head.

   “...yes.” She whimpered, and to her relief the pain subsided. She let out a small breath as her body relaxed. Her dark eyes looked back up at the figure who now had become a little more visible to her, showing her red glowing eyes. He grew a grin fill with sharp unnatural teeth. The way the look settled on his face so simply and naturally showed how black his heart must have been.

   “Better get back before anyone starts to miss you my dear. Do you remember what you are to do tomorrow?” He asked smiling.

   Raven hesitated.

   “...I…” She looked down hugging her arms around herself helplessly.

   The figure raised his fist and twisted it at the wrist. The pain in Raven’s head returned. Much more intense this time. She let out a small yell of pain and griped her hair folding in on herself so her face nearly was touching the ground.

   “Well?” The figure hissed.

   Suddenly Raven’s shaking stopped, as if something inside her had snapped and she suddenly began a light rhythmic chuckle. The figure watched as Raven looked grinning just as evil as him, Her dark eyes a deep almost pink-purple tint.

   “Of course master. It will be my pleasure.” She said and began laughing.


   Hikaru had stormed out of the hotel while the others went to talk to Makarov. He was in no mood to talk. In all honesty what he really wanted was to kick Raven’s face in. He had his head tilted down to the ground. His eyes spotted a small loose pebble on the pavement and he kicked it. He didn’t watch where it landed, he just listened, hearing it knock against the side of a building then fall to the ground again. Soon he heard heard footsteps in front of him and he lifted his head. Who he saw was none other than Didi, the girl he had faced during his battle in the games. She stopped in front of him with her arms crossed. He stopped as well and narrowed his eyes.

   “What do you want?” He asked.

   “Nothin’.” She answered calmly.

   “...Good.” He said then began to walk past her.

   As their shoulders nearly brushed past each other Didi spun around.

   “Was that girl on your individual team?”

   Hikaru stopped, but said nothing.

   “That loud mouth brunette? I hear you call her ‘Nee-chan’ but you aren’t even related.”

   Hikaru remained silent, debating on whether to keep walking to punch her in the gut. Eventually he spoke softly.

   “What’s it to you?”

   Didi shrugged. “Honestly nothin’, just seems a bit stupid.”

   At this Hikaru spun around.

   “Are you lookin’ to get another beating!” He yelled.

   Didi’s eyes hardened.

   “That was just luck. I wasn’t one-hundred percent on my game.”

   Hikaru glared harder.

   “Really? I remember you saying how you knew when you were beaten!”

   Didi opened her mouth to come back at him but was interrupted by a deep voice.


   Both Hikaru and Didi turned their heads to see the tall attractive man known as Silver, and the blond hyper girl known as Silla. Hikaru looked over their faces.

   “What are you doing out here Didi?” Silver demanded with a heavy stern gaze.

   Didi shot them a glare and turned her head away like a stubborn child, refusing to answer.

   “There is someone trying to hurt the contestants of the games. We can’t risk losing any members.” Silla said gently like a mother or older sister.

   Didi remained silent. Soon the two older wizards looked at Hikaru.

   “Aren’t you apart of Fairy Tail?” Silla asked.

   Hikaru, slowly lowering his defense a little and nodded.

   “Your friend was very brave today.” She said with a kind, gentle voice.

   This lowered Hikaru’s defense even more.

   “...yea.” He said softly.

   “What are you all doing out here?”

   All heads snapped around to see Tiana, The strong silent girl from Silver Dragon that nearly drowned earlier that day.

   “You...But, aren’t you-” Hikaru started.

   “Suppose to be in a hospital? Yes. But I felt better and needed some air. So I decided to scan around here for a while. Maybe find the person responsible for nearly killing me. But what are you all doing here. Haven’t your guilds given you strict curfew?”

   In a strange and subtle way, this girl reminded Hikaru a lot of Maxi or even Raven, or maybe a mixture of both. He shuddered at the thought.

   “We were just about to bring Didi back to our hotel.” Silla assured her.

   Didi rolled her eyes. Tiana gave a small nod then turned to Hikaru. As if just now recognizing him from Fairy Tail, her strict expression lightened.

   “I owe your friend my life.” She said.

   Hikaru stared at her then slowly nodded. He wanted to be mad at all of them, but was annoyed when he wasn’t. Well, except for Didi. Before he could say anything to Tiana they all heard a similar noise. It was the sound of sudden footsteps, then silence. They all turned and looked around, finding it odd when they didn’t see any figure to relate the noise to.

   “Hello?” Hikaru called out.

   There was nothing. All of the Wizards slowly raised up their guard. The footsteps sounded again and all of them jerked around hearing them closer. When they went quiet again, all of the wizards slowly gathered together into a circle, their backs facing the middle.

   All at once a quick shadow flashed in front of them and started running around them. Silla let out a yell. Hikaru raised up his arms taking half a step back. He looked around and watched as all of the mages slowly started to pass out. It didn’t take long for his head to become hazy as well. He fell down to one knee trying to keep his head up and get a look at whatever had been circling them. Soon the figure stopped in front of him. At first all his eyes could focus on were the figures feet. As he scanned up her body, he saw a face that made his stomach boil. Raven, with an evil smile plastered on her pale face.

   “..Y-You!” He hardly was able to spit out.

   Before his vision went black he saw a taller much older figure walk up from behind her and place his arm around her shoulder.

   “Very good my dear.” He said to her.

   Hikaru was able to make out his burning red eyes, silver white hair and the dark feathered cape that laid over his hunched over back. His face was angular and pale, His teeth were sharp and threatening. He didn’t look real. Hikaru wanted to ask who he was. He wanted to threaten him. He wanted to grab his collar and throw a painfully hard punch to his left jaw and make his face bleed. He knew he was also behind Haili’s near death experience somehow, but all he could manage was a glare before his eyes gave up fighting, and he passed out.


   Dani stared wide eyed from around the corner of a shaded building. Her body was hunched over in a square. She bit the side of her hand to kept her from making any sudden noise.

   “Take them back with you. With them out of the way is should be even easier to get what we want.” The tall man said to Raven, who nodded and raised her arm over all of them and a small portal opened up.

   “I’ll be preparing for tomorrow.” And with that the man covered himself in his coat and turned into a dark raven and flew away.

   Dani was so confused but amazed as well. Raven began to place the unconscious bodies into the the portal one after another. As she began to carry the last mage through the portal it begin to close. Without fully thinking through her plan, Dani jumped up and darted at the portal, jumping through just before it closed.
Isabel by 6stringRaven
This is the main character from my all time favorite book XD
Mistwood by: Leah Cypess…… (Ignore the book trailer in this link....Its not very good ^^; )

But Yea, I normally am not a big fan of reading big books like this all the time because all through out my school life I was either too slow, or the book was too boring...But then we had to pick a book to read for a book project and with in the first page i was like "WOW I LOVE THIS!"...I was one of the first people to finish my book in my class :D I DIDN'T WANT IT TOOO END!!!!

So Ive decided that when I become a super famous movie director, This is gonna be at the top of my "To do list" :D :D :D :D Lol

Well I hope you like this picture and let me know if you have read the book and what you thought of it :D

I strongly recommend it.


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