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X = Somewhat
XX = Greater
XXX = Scared to death

[X] Achluophobia - Fear of darkness.

[] Acrophobia - Fear of heights.

[XX] Agliophobia - Fear of pain.

[] Agoraphobia - Fear of open spaces or crowds.

[] Aichmophobia - Fear of needles or pointed objects.

[] Amaxophobia - Fear of riding in a car.

[X] Androphobia - Fear of men. (depends of what kind of men)

[X] Anginophobia - Fear of angina or choking.

[X] Anthropophobia - Fear of people or society

[] Aphenphosmphobia - Fear of being touched.

[] Arachnophobia - Fear of spiders.

[X] Arithmophobia - Fear of numbers. (does Math count ;) )

[X] Astraphobia - Fear of thunder and lightning.

[] Ataxophobia - Fear of disorder or untidiness.

[] Atelophobia - Fear of imperfection.

[X] Atychiphobia - Fear of failure.

[] Aulophobia - Fear of flutes.

[XXX] Autophobia - Fear of being alone.

[] Bacteriophobia - Fear of bacteria.

[] Barophobia - Fear of gravity.

[] Bathophobia - Fear of stairs or steep.

[] Batrachophobia - Fear of amphibians.

[] Bibliophobia - Fear of books.

[] Botanophobia - Fear of plants.

[] Cacophobia - Fear of ugliness.

[] Catoptrophobia - Fear of mirrors.

[] Chionophobia - Fear of snow.

[] Chromophobia - Fear of colors.

[] Chronomentrophobia - Fear of clocks.

[XX] Claustrophobia - Fear of confined spaces.

[X] Coulrophobia - Fear of clowns.

[] Cyberphobia - Fear of computers.

[] Cynophobia - Fear of dogs.

[] Dendrophobia - Fear of trees.

[X] Dentophobia - Fear of dentists.

[] Domatophobia - Fear of houses.

[] Dystychiphobia - Fear of accidents.

[] Ecophobia - Fear of the home.

[] Elurophobia - Fear of cats.

[] Ephebiphobia - Fear of teenagers.

[] Equinophobia - Fear of horses.

[] Gophobia - Fear of marriage.

[] Genuphobia - Fear of knees.

[] Globophobia - Fear of balloons.

[XX] Glossophobia - Fear of speaking in public.

[] Gynophobia - Fear of women.

[] Heliophobia - Fear of the sun.

[] Hemophobia - Fear of blood.

[] Herpetophobia - Fear of reptiles.

[] Hydrophobia - Fear of water

[X] Iatrophobia - Fear of doctors.

[] Insectophobia - Fear of insects.

[] Ichthyophobia - Fear of fish.

[] Koinoniphobia - Fear of rooms.

[] Leukophobia - Fear of the color white.

[XX] Lilapsophobia - Fear of tornadoes and hurricanes.

[XXX] Lockiophobia - Fear of childbirth.

[] Mageirocophobia - Fear of cooking.

[] Melanophobia - Fear of the color black.

[] Microphobia - Fear of small things.

[] Mysophobia - Fear of dirt and germs.

[X] Necrophobia - Fear of death or dead things.

[] Noctiphobia - Fear of the night.

[X] Nosocomephobia - Fear of hospitals.

[XX] Obesophobia - Fear of gaining weight.

[] Octophobia - Fear of the figure 8.

[] Ombrophobia - Fear of rain.

[X] Ophidiophobia - Fear of snakes.

[] Ornithophobia - Fear of birds.

[] Papyrophobia - Fear of paper.

[X] Pathophobia - Fear of disease.

[] Pedophobia - Fear of children.

[] Pediophobia - Fear of Dolls

[] Philophobia - Fear of love.

[] Phobophobia - Fear of being afraid.

[] Podophobia - Fear of feet.

[] Porphyrophobia - Fear of the color purple.

[] Pteridophobia - Fear of ferns.

[] Pteromerhanophobia - Fear of flying.

[] Pyrophobia - Fear of fire.

[XX] Scolionophobia - Fear of school.

[] Selenophobia - Fear of the moon.

[] Sociophobia - Fear of social evaluation.

[] Somniphobia - Fear of sleep.

[] Tachophobia - Fear of speed.

[] Technophobia - Fear of technology.

[X] Tonitrophobia - Fear of thunder.

[] Trypanophobia - Fear of injections.

[] Trypophobia - Fear of small compact holes.

[] Venustraphobia - Fear of beautiful women.

[] Verminophobia - Fear of germs.

[] Wiccaphobia - Fear of witches and witchcraft.

[] Xenophobia - Fear of strangers.

[] Zoophobia - Fear of animals.

X: Tonitrophobia, Pathophobia, Nosocomephobia, Iatrophobia, Pathophobia, Ophidiophobia, Necrophobia, Dentophobia, Coulrophobia, Atychiphobia, Astraphobia, Arithmophobia, Anthropophobia, Anginophobia, Androphobia

XX: Scolionophobia, Obesophobia, Lilapsophobia, Glossophobia, Claustrophobia, Agliophobia

XXX: Lockiophobia, Autophobia

Yup...At least I only got two super scared ^^;


Tagged by :iconshadowsofhome:


Fay's last stand-color by 6stringRaven
Fay's last stand-color
Off of a book i'm working on :D :D :D :D

Very emotional scene here that I'm not going to explain cause its very complicated ;p

But yeah, hope you like it :D :D :D


6stringRaven's Profile Picture

United States
HEY :D :D :D

I'm 6StringRaven and I love to Draw, Sing, play guitar, write stories, and edit video's.

I am currently working on a comic called the Defenders, its kinda a spin off of the Teen Titans, Which I also Love.

Whisp is my OC, she also a character in my comic, She turns out to be the leader image, She brings everyone together. :D :D :D :D

My life dream is to be an Actor/Rock star and my hobbie would be drawing and writing :D
...and to be an acting couple with the guy I have a major crush on ;)

Love to make new friends on here, so don't hesitate to say hi :D :D :D

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Beast Boy being sneezed out by Plasmus when Raven was trying to make the Titans "last day on Earth" extra special.
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"Boys and girls of every age....

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