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Not too long ago Daniel Kyre from the Cyndago team died after a suicide attempt. I have only recently begun watching their video's and its hard to believe.
My heart goes out to his family and friends, hoping that they all manage to find some comfort during this time.

Rest in peace Daniel
You will be missed


Not too long ago Daniel Kyre from the Cyndago team died after a suicide attempt. I have only recently begun watching their video's and its hard to believe.
My heart goes out to his family and friends, hoping that they all manage to find some comfort during this time.

Rest in peace Daniel
You will be missed
   Hikaru jumped to the left just missing her bright blue flames, which slammed into the ground like a wave if water, leaving bright burning streaks on the ground. Hikaru looked back at them then turned to Didi, who was throwing another handful of flames at his face. He gasped rolling to the left. He felt the hot fire graze his arm burning both his clothing and skin.

   “Ah!” He grunted grabbing his arm.

   “Aw, Did you get a boo boo?” Didi said in a stupidly high pitched voice.
   He just shot her a glare slamming his hand on the ground causing the ground to rumble while chunks of earth rippled towards her until a larger chunk shot up from under her, hitting her in the gut making her fly backwards. She let out a yell as she hit the ground.

   “Come on Didi, You can do it!” The silver haired girl from her team, Silla, called out in an encouraging yet slightly concerned way.

   “Don’t get Cocky!” The attractive man named Silver called out. It was probably the first time anyone really heard him say anything during the games so far.

   Didi grumbled under her breath pulling herself to her feet.

   “You’re gonna pay for that!” She threatened as both of her fists started to light up.

   She then started running at him, her flames from her fists acting like boosters making her much faster than Hikaru was expecting, allowing her to come up hitting him hard in the jaw with her burning arm. Hikaru was thrown back from the immense force hitting his back against the wall surrounding the arena. It took a moment for him to recover, and when he did he felt the pain of the burn forming on his left jaw line.

   “Damn.” He said under his breath touching the burn with his hand.

   Didi smirked running at him again. Hikaru’s eyes widened as he watched her speed up to him, He quickly jumped to the side raising a chunk of the earth in between him and her flames, but doing this caused him to lose his footing and fall to the ground giving Didi another opening. She pounced around the raised earth straight at Hikaru, but he quickly extended his arms and a quick gust of wind pushed her back. Her eyes widened a little as she flew backwards but managed to land on her feet.

   “So, you’re not just earth huh?” She said as he slowly got up, still feeling the sharp sting from his arm and cheek.

   “I’m A LOT more than just earth.” He said.

   Didi grinned.

   “All the elements huh? Fancy, I’ll give you that, but in my opinion allot harder to control!”

   As she said this her arms flicked out in front of her sending two long streaks of bright blue flames which crossed over each other forming an “X” heading right for Hikaru. They were moving too fast for him to move, the only reaction he could do was shield his face as the flames hit him straight on knocking him over. He immediately felt the harsh pain on his arms and legs. Haili and the others stared down at him, knowing how much it must have stung.

   “No, Hika-kun.” Sophie said full of worry.

   “C’mon kid! I know you can fight better than that! You’re ten times stronger than she is!!!” Haili called out.

   Didi shot another attack at him while he was down burning more of his arm. She hit him again and again.

   “C’mon Hexa-blah, Get up!” Didi said in a mocking tone.

   Sophie, Maxi and Haili all looked down at him. Sophie feeling her eyes tear up a little. Maxi was gripping the railing tightly, her arms shaking a little out of anger as if she were trying to hold it in. Haili was full on pissed and not trying to hide it at all.

   “Hikaru!! Come on!! Get up!! I know you can win this!!! We all got your back, we all believe in you!! Now get up and kick her ass!!!” She screamed out at him.

   Hikaru just barely heard this and managed to open his eyes and look up towards the Fairy Tail bleachers. They were all looking down at him with a worried but confident look, knowing he could still win. His gaze landed on a familiar blue haired girl staring right at him with worry. He stared at her for a long moment, but then closed his eyes. Soon Didi stopped her attacks looking down at him. He wasn’t moving. Everyone in the Fairy Tail bleachers went silent along with the crowd. Didi stared for a second then smirked.

   “Not so tough now are ya Hexa-blah?” She mumbled.

   The Announcer stared down at the field waiting to see if he would get up. He covered his mic and turned to the man sitting next to him to tell him that they might need to bring out the medical team again. Didi turned around and started walking away from his body as the Announcer was about to finalize the battle when suddenly Hikaru started to shift a little.

   “Wait Ladies and gentlemen! Hikaru might still be in the game!”

   Didi stopped and spun around staring back at him as he slowly picked himself up, staggering a little bit. The crowd exploded into a giant cheer.

   “Amazing!! Ladies and Gentlemen, the fight is NOT over!”

   Haili, Maxi and Sophie all grinned relived.

   “Thank god!” Sophie said.

   “Yea!!! Now we’re talking!!” Haili cheered.

   “I have a feeling now that this fight is going to get interesting.” Maxi said with a smile.

   Didi glared at him.

   “Are you seriously still trying to fight?!”

   Hikaru just responded by looking up at her, giving off a small smirk, he was still breathing heavy trying to catch his breath.

   “No way i’m gonna let a little brat like you win.” He muttered.

   Her face twisted and her eye shot daggers at him. She then let out a yell running at him, both fists flamming. Everyone just watched as she charged him yet Hikaru didn’t do anything. Before she got four feet away from him, the ground began to rumble causing Didi to stop and look at the ground.

   “What the-”

   It didn’t take long before she realized it was being caused by Hikaru, who was now raising his arm out very slowly. She stared at him wide eyed, taking half a step back.

   “Four elements, I’m sure one of them you just hate right?” He said over the thundering sound of the shaking stadium. Soon he clapped his hands together and a dark blue magic circle appeared in front of him, followed by a giant echoing roar.

   Everyone’s eyes widened looking around for whatever it was causing the sound.

   “What the heck is that?” Haili asked looking straight down onto the arena.

   “...I think we’re about to find out.” Maxi muttered back.

   Didi took a few more steps back looking around, unsure of what exactly was going on. She lit her arms with long blue flames looking around, as the roar faded. There was a long silence making everyone believe that the spell, whatever it was, had failed. Didi turned back to Hikaru who was just standing there and smirked. As she took a step forward about to charge him again, she was knocked backward as a giant serpent like creature shoot out of the magic circle in front of her. As she fell to the ground her eye widened as she tried to focus on whatever it was. everyone in the bleachers jumped as well watching the creature swirl around in the air before hovering around Hikaru, letting out another echoing roar.

   "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!?" Didi cried out scrambling backwards still on the ground.

   "What is that?" Haili repeated her question more calmly.

   Maxi looked at it for a long moment trying to figure out an answer. So she remember the only thing it could possibly be.

   "I think it's his water leviathan." She said.

   Haili's eyes widened.

   "What?" She said looking back down at the enormous monster wide eyed. Maxi saw the look on her face.

   “What is it?” She asked.

   Haili just stared at it not answering at first for a moment.

   “...Rashelle told me about something like that.” She finally mumbled.

   Maxi was about to speak but her attention was distracted back to the arena floor as Didi kept repeated her screaming question. Hikaru just smiled.

   “A little friend of mine.” He said.

   It let out a loud roar again, hissing at Didi.

   “And it doesn’t seem to like you.”

   Didi’s eyes were wide with fear, but forced herself to narrow them and get to her feet lighting up her arms.

   “Screw it!” She growled under her breath. “You’re probably still not strong enough to have it do anything! It’s just a bluff! You’re just using it to try and scare me!!”

   “Didi!” Silla from her team called out in a concerned tone, but Didi ignored her.

   She let out a yell running straight at him to which Hikaru simply smiles. Almost immediately the Leviathan let out a roar and darted at her and shot a massive amount of water on her with immense force. Didi gasped, but it quickly changed into a scream of pain. Her flames went out with a loud sizzling sound. She flew through the air hitting the ground hard. The serpent began to fly around her shooting water down on her just like she had done to Hikaru with her flames. Eventually Hikaru raised his arm telling the creature to stop. It did so and looked down at the young girl. Her sleeves were torn from the wrists to the elbows due to the unexpected mix of both fire and water. her skin also seemed to have some small bruises and burns. She winces a little but didn’t get up, She managed to open one eye to peer up at the monster glaring down at her ready for another attack. She stared at it for a long moment, but instead of shivering in fear she just smirked closing her eyes again.

   “...good move hexa-blah…” And with that she raised her hand and waved to the announcer indicating she gave up. “I’m not that big of an idiot.” She mumbled again.

   “Looks like Hikaru from Fairy Tail Wins todays battle!!!” The announcer shouted.

   The crowd erupted into applause as well as the Fairy Tail VIP bleachers.
Our Grand Magic Games (Chapt. 18)
Here you go  :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin)

Next: Coming Soon :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin)

:iconelphin-zephyr: :iconmugiwaranomaxi: :iconsophiecyberland:
Lin-Blacksystem? by 6stringRaven
Hey, I just woke up and wanted to draw something random it turned into some badass chick and I thought maybe it could be a member of Black system? :iconelphin-zephyr:

Hope you guys like it :D
Terrashelle-forbidden meeting by 6stringRaven
Terrashelle-forbidden meeting
Another pic of Terratia and Rashelle I drew, this time I was thinking of "Colors of the wind" ;P

Hope u like it ^^

Terrashelle-If I never knew you  by 6stringRaven
Terrashelle-If I never knew you
A random epic I drew while listening to the song "if I never knew you" from Pocahontas, which I just now heard today cause apparently it's not in the movie on Netfix....Why I don't know ^^;


"If I never knew you,
If I never felt this love,
I would have no inkling of
How special life can be"



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United States
HEY :D :D :D

I'm 6StringRaven and I love to Draw, Sing, play guitar, write stories, and edit video's.

I am currently working on a comic called the Defenders, its kinda a spin off of the Teen Titans, Which I also Love.

Whisp is my OC, she also a character in my comic, She turns out to be the leader image, She brings everyone together. :D :D :D :D

My life dream is to be an Actor/Rock star and my hobbie would be drawing and writing :D
...and to be an acting couple with the guy I have a major crush on ;)

Love to make new friends on here, so don't hesitate to say hi :D :D :D

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